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The last few weeks have put new energy into my work at VeraMax in large part due to our fabulous volunteers. I put the word out that we needed help and many have answered the call. We have a volunteer photographer who is working at providing us images to use that will give others a visual of what I am seeing through my work but can’t document due to confidentiality. We have volunteers that are helping me with street outreach, such as Susan Larara, without which I would not be able to go find and meet these women that so desperately need our help. We have a volunteer who, with a background in grant writing and finance, wants to help put us on the right track to get funding. We also now have a Volunteer Coordinator, Tessa Reynolds, who has committed to taking time out of her life to create a team and use her creative energy to strategize on how to reach out to our population.

I feel so fortunate for the help and compassion of these people! The extent to which these women and men care about helping the homeless is at once overwhelming and heartening. It is only with their help that VeraMax will have the ability to find and help these women get off the streets.  Go Team!!


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