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On April 6, 2011, VeraMax House staff were invited to participate in the Women’s Program Planning Committee at the Veterans Administration (VA) clinic in San Francisco. The unique needs of women veterans have become more apparent throughout the military system. The VA has started the Women’s Program in hopes of providing services specific to the needs of women veterans. VA staff has been getting reports from female veterans that they do not feel safe or comfortable using many of VA services, because of the male majority within the Veterans Administration.

The Women’s Program Planning Committee is not only working to make the VA clinic a safe and welcoming place for the women, but they are also interested in working with VeraMax House and others to provide low-income housing exclusively for women. This collaboration could bring many resources to deliver a successful project. VMH looks forward to continuing our working relationship with the VA. It is important  whenever we honor our veterans and the VA program, to remember the women who served.

The local VA website http://www.san francisco.va.gov recently published this article:
http://www.va.gov/health/NewsFeatures/20110405a.asp, which tells the story of a female veteran who lost her struggle upon re-entering  civilian life and how the VA helped her to not only find safe housing, but find her inner strengths again. VMH hopes that our future working relationship with the VA will provide many more of these good stories.

April, 2011
Hailey Pobanz, MSW
Clinical Case Manager


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