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Over the past few months, we have managed to lay down a solid foundation for VeraMax and are ready to focus our efforts on street outreach.

The wonderful people I’ve met within other organizations and the research I’ve done on resources in the community have given me a good picture of the systems, need and housing opportunities for the older homeless population. I am now armed with the tools to help women who walk in our door. Unfortunately, the flow has been slow and sporadic and referrals are almost non-existent. So, it seems the next best move is to hit the streets and we started today!

Thankfully, a wonderful woman named Lana came into our center wanting to volunteer so she and I went to a corner to speak with a woman who Lana sees daily in her neighborhood. Next week we will go to a known place near Embarcadaro to meet another older homeless woman. These processes will take a while as I slowly work to build the trust of these women so that they may become willing to seek our services and get housed. If you know of any older homeless women who frequent certain areas or know of anyone interested in helping us do Street Outreach, please drop me an email or give me a call. And wish us luck in this exciting new endeavor!!


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