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The rush has mellowed a bit and I have a stable and full caseload. Now with some time to take a short breath, I can focus my energies on helping my clients find stability in their lives. For some this means permanent housing, for others it means consistent weekly counseling.

Counseling can help clients in so many ways. Some use it to untangle the web of their lives to find out where, how and why they have been self-sabotaging their success or stability. Others dig into past personal relationships to understand and heal the pain of the past so that they may heal themselves, repair relationships, or begin to connect to others again.

Quite often, however, the two are married in that I meet the client for case management and within that session issues or emotions come up that need addressing. The fact that these can be addressed then and there in a therapeutic way is what sets us apart from many other agencies. We help our clients in a holistic way and are there with them for the long haul. We understand that the problems and challenges they face do not have easy answers and cannot be addressed appropriately with a quick fix or a band-aid approach. Our goal is to end the cycle of homelessness by striving for a true understanding of each individual and their lives so that we can help them rise above the daily survival to find peace, solace and sanctuary.


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