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October 2010

VeraMax House has two trained clinical case managers who are eager to serve you. The case managers are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, generally from 8:30am to 4pm.

Jennifer Maghsoudi, M.A. holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from The Wright Institute and is completing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is particularly interested in the opportunity VeraMax House (VMH) provides to work with women who are homeless or at-risk for homelessness in the San Francisco community. She believes that the sociocultural contexts of people’s lives are important and valuable to everyone. In building her experience through working as a counselor with women, families, children, and adolescents, she has found a distinct appreciation for the difficulties that at-risk, emotionally, and socioeconomically challenged people face and has made a commitment to serving them in her work as Clinical Case Manager.

Hailey Pobanz, MSW, holds a Masters degree in Social Work. As a Cal Berkeley graduate who previously interned at San Francisco General Hospital, she comes to VeraMax House full of energy with a passion to battle the many issues that face the homeless population. She has a specialization in aging and for five years, has been working with older adults. Hailey hopes to empower her clients through VMH to advocate for themselves and define their own quality of life.

Jennifer normally works on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8am to 4pm.
Hailey is in the office Wednesdays from 8:30-4:30 and Friday from 9-5.

From Jennifer’s Log:

Since beginning as a Clinical Case Manager at VeraMax House, I have been struck by the sheer strength, courage and wisdom of the clients I work with. These older women have the strength to experience the pressure of looking for housing in an economic climate which does not foster nearly enough empathy right now. After a full life of taking care of themselves and their families, these women have more than earned the right to have a secure place to call home. I have already learned a lot about life in my conversations with my clients. I look forward to continuing to support these wise and hardworking women to reach their goals of finding long-term housing, fulfilling work and ultimately enjoyable lives!
Jennifer Maghsoudi, M.A.

Update from Hailey:

As I find myself finishing my 4th week at VeraMax House, I find myself reflecting on two things:
1) where did the time go?! And 2) what have these first weeks taught me, and where do I go from here. Starting at VeraMax House was nothing like the first week on a new job that most people experience. After a day of being shown the ropes, it was up to me to take initiative and dive in.

The first thing I have learned (and will continuously be working on) is how to delegate time between clients and administrative work. We all want VeraMax House to be as organized as possible to best serve our clients, but with limited time and new clients daily one cannot step back from the direct practice to set up a system. Working together with the other Clinical Case Manager, we have started to discuss procedures and organizational methods. I have found that many clients have an easier time of meeting in the afternoon, so I try to delegate some morning time to office work and then change modes around lunch time to prepare for my clients. Luckily my clients are incredibly independent and take a lot of initiative. If it weren’t for their strengths, I think I would be having a much harder time balancing the many hats we wear at VeraMax House.


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