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A post from our founder and Board President, Mike Dulworth:

On April 19th, we held our first major fundraiser and raised over $25,000!  We had over 80 people participants at the event, which was held at the Jewish Community Center – SF.  We started off the evening with a wine and cheese reception featuring wines donated by Cuvaison, Blackstone and Robert Mondovi vineyards (thank you to them!).  The participants then heard Alicia No’oy and myself talk about the mission of VeraMax and how we’re delivering our services and making a difference in the lives of our clients.

The highlight of the evening was hearing from Marshall Goldsmith, the acclaimed business guru, executive coach and bestselling author.  Marshall talked about his new book, MOJO, and all of the participants seemed to get a lot out of and enjoy what he had to say.  Thank you, Marshall, for graciously offering to be our keynote at this event.

We finished off the night with more wine and cheese and much networking among the participants.  Thank you to all of our participants and donors for making the fundraiser a big success. We got a good head start on the funding  we will need to raise this year to make a difference in these women’s lives.


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It is a happy day at VeraMax. We were able to help another client of ours find housing!! Considering the immense amount of work we do to help our clients successfully find properties and navigate the application process, fighting through various road blocks along the way, we are always to thrilled and relieved when our clients are placed.

This woman, like many clients we have, had a home where she lived independently for many years in San Francisco. She was very concerned she would soon become homeless because she was at risk of eviction, through no fault of her own, and her social security income was far to low to find new housing. This is a common story for many of our clients and they come in feeling helpless, frustrated and saddened that they have to reach out for help.

Fortunately, she was accepted into the Mary Elizabeth Inn, which is a Single Room Occupancy Residence for women and a significant partner of VeraMax House. She will have her own room but will share a bathroom and kitchen. This is permanent housing, so she can stay there indefinitely or she can continue to work with us to eventually find an apartment through subsidized senior housing in the Bay Area.

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