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We are official!


My name is Alicia No’oy. I am the first and only employee of Vera Max House and I’ve just completed my first two weeks!

Homeless Women's Center

Homeless Women's Center

On June 1st, I stepped into my office and began the work of starting the Vera Max House. Two years of vision, planning, heart and work by Mike Dulworth and the Vera Max Team all led to this day.

We are housed in the new drop in center of the Mary Elizabeth Inn called the Homeless Women’s Center. The Center will officially open on July 1st and will have a staff member from the Mary Elizabeth Inn (MEI) providing basic help and referals to homeless women.

HWC 014HWC 016The space provides us with a cubicle, the MEI staff member with a desk and has a couple computers with internet access for drop-in clients.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks setting up shop, volunteering for Project Homeless Connect, and networking with organizations that provide services for the homeless population in San Francisco.

We have a long road ahead and a whole lot to do but it we are on our way!!


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